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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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first, i'm introducing legislation to keep unwanted, unused drugs out of our public waterways and off our streets. improper drug disposal ha been a real dangerous environmental and public health and public safety issue. we all know expired medication lying around the house can end up in the hands of children, accidentally ingested by seniors or pets, or used in suicides. the more accidental drug overdoses he that occur every year from prescription medications from heroin and cocaine combined. while wastewater treatments have been effective at removing solids and harmful bacteria, they are not designed to filter pharmaceutical chemicals. and medicineses that are flushed down the drain or the toilet that or that leach from landfills in our waterways cause irreversible dabbling to our ecosystem and our bay. to our colleagues who were around in 2010, you may remember we first considered an ordinance in this area ~. but when our colleagues in
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alameda county were sued by the pharmaceutical industry for similar ordinance, san francisco decided to put our efforts on hold. in the meantime, san francisco's department of the environment launched our city's voluntary drug take back program. and i worked with the department of the environment and the pharmaceutical industry to secure funding for the pilot program. but unfortunately over the last 2-1/2 years, over 40% of our small pilot program has been funded by the industry. this program has been remarkably successful literally taking 18 tons of unwanted drugs off the streets and out of the sewer of our city. we are here and i'm actually introducing this today because two weeks ago the 9th circuit court of appeals upheld alameda's ordinance affirming the ability of local governments to acquire medicine manufacturers to provide for the collection and disposal of medicine. this ruling gives our city the ability to take our pilot program, make it permanent and
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expand it to meet our real needs. the ordinance would require drug producers to participate in the product search of program to collect, handle and dispose of unwanted drugs. it would require drug producer to pay all administrative costs and fees, require them to adequately promote their stewardship plans, and also require that the drugs collected be dispoed at a permanent hazardous waste site. at this moment there are only 13 independent drugstores that have sites in the city and we hope that the over 100 pharmacies in san francisco and wherever you buy medication you should be able to dispose of expired medication. i look forward to having a conversation about this ordinance. i am also introducing an ordinance today to move san francisco's leadership forward in the area of solar. in 2008 san francisco launched go solar s.f. we received $65 million of private investment, the headquartering of major solar leaders in our city, and over
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120 jobs for low-income diverse residents who otherwise have faced employment barriers. our city has seen firsthand the benefits of solar energy, keeping housing affordable, increasing property values, creating jobs and promoting environmental justice. the question today is how we expand this and sustain our efforts as we aspire to reach a greenhouse gas free electrical system by 2030. my resolution lays out a vision for 2020, what we look forward to is a solo vision 2020, a road map of how we get there with three components. first, to pro poe the permanent funding of our go solar incentive program, after the previous program expires in 2018. second, the solar vision establishes a 50 megawatt solar panel goal for our city with at least two megawatts for tenant occupied residences every year. third, the resolution supports
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a requirement that the roofs of new developments be sustainable. that solar panels and rooftop gardens be installed on all-new construction or substantial retrofits where feasible and for the department of the environment to convene [speaker not understood]. solar vision 2020 will help san francisco uphold our city's reputation as a leader in the solar movement and i want to take a moment and thank the san francisco department of the environment, its executive director debby raphael, its commission president josh arce as well as leader from the solar industry jeannine coter from [speaker not understood]. i want to thank representatives from labor from the nonprofit community as well as advocates for our solar community here in san francisco. the last item i have i'm introducing a resolution, unfortunately to again condemn antiarab and antimuslim bus advertisements. you may remember two years ago there was a series of these bus advertisements that were placed on our buses and this board
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condemned those advertisements. we then saw a round of anti-israel bus advertisement and i know a majority of this body condemned those ads as well. unfortunate tali this past week there was another round and i ask that, colleagues, we reiterate our condemnation of these anti-arab and antimu limb bus advertisements and stand with our san francisco muslim and arab communities. the rest of my item i will submit ~. >> thank you, mr. president. that concludes roll call for the introduction of new business. >> why don't we now go to general public comment. >> at this time the public may comment generally for up to two minutes on item within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including the policy discussion between the mayor and the board, item on the adoption without reference to committee calendar, and the closed session the subject matter of item 30. please note public comment is not allowed on items which have already been subject to public comment at a board committee. direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. and if you would like a
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document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such and remove the document when you'd like the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> let's hear from our first speaker. good evening, supervisors. i'm peter wolf, executive director of library users association. the loss of ted gul acson, as all of you who spoke about it mentioned is a very sad and very serious loss. and i'm glad to say that i can agree with all the word of all the supervisors who spoke about him. i always thought that part of his charm was his modesty and he was typically known as the secretary or some such lesser position at the tenants union. i haven't been mentioned specifically as an item, but we also have lost the san francisco bay guardian, which put out its last edition last week and has been basically killed off by the owners, while
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certainly we did not agree with them all the time, there is a great loss in having the loss of that voice and newspaper in general. i wanted to talk about the last time i spoke with you, the last couple of times, i spoke about [speaker not understood] magazine's september he edition which featured [speaker not understood] on the cover and recapped all of the things that we've learned about the invasive surveillance that goes on by our government and suggested that the supervisors should have -- be concerned that every department including itself review what the implication are for the citizens of san francisco. we call on the supervisors to require reviews by all city departments, including especially the library which
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has not done such a review to review the privacy threats to citizens and to provide full disclosure of the relatively newly revealed threats. thank you. >> thank you. and they went into capernaum and straight way on the sabbath day he went into the synagogue and taught. they were astonished because he taught them as one that had authority. there was a man in the synagogue a man with an unclean spirit and he cried out saying let us alone, what have we do to do with thea, jesus of nas russ? have you come to destroy us? he said, yes, i've come to destroy you ~. we have a problem in houston. the mayor is saying the christian ministers of the
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gospel have to submit under threat of, what do they call it, contempt of court, their sermons. know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of god? be not deceived, neither foreign caters, nor idol at therxes, nor adulterers, nor aloe if hevth nat nor abusers of them self-with man kind nor thieves, nor could have tuesday, nor drunkkard, nor revialer nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of doed. and such were san francisco some of you. but you are washed and sank it tide in the name of jesus. to be sank if i identified is to be set apart from your sin. god gives you the ability to be good after you get saved. now, when you're in dark with your significant other, don't tell me you don't know what you're doing is wrong. it's wicked. it's evil. and your conscience bears
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witness with that because you're made in god's aim beingv. all of us are made in god's image. on judgment day -- i was talking to one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen in my life, i was trying to convince her to wear this shirt. this is the most incredible story, nbc will not publish because nbc does not investigate [inaudible]. >> thank you. good evening, supervisors. i have been complying information in regards to acts of violence in san francisco as a whole. however, i'd like to draw your attention to one district in particular for this forum, district 10. when willie brown served as mayor, no significant change [speaker not understood] or gang violence. to quote tony kelly, [speaker not understood] and gang violence under gavin newsom's
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reign was essentially a rerun of events that occurred during had i predecessor. many victimized citizens in our poverty stricken communities count on supervisors to perform miraculous acts. i'd like to know, how many ineffective initiatives introduced by tony kelly were passed, stamped and dated? i cannot state the same for supervisor malia cohen. she is a beacon of hope for the city of san francisco. ms. cohen has brought many relevant social issues to the forefront. rapid use of firearms and gang related violence restricted solely to san francisco, these are problems endemic to our society. ms. cohen and other outstanding supervisors who debtv on straight sound leadership and wisdom beyond her years. she and other county civil leaders like her represent the voice of reason and a ray of hope for all americans.
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sadly, there's individuals at stations of influence who rather than promoting good will and harmony think to create divisiveness and dissonance. such as an example of this -- that of editor and chief of bayview newspaper, am i mary radcliffe. in a recent editorial, ms. radcliffe suggested african-americans must be of a particular social [speaker not understood] class and must have specific qualifications to be deemed worldly. >> thank you. great to see you, walter. great to be back, supervisor mar, and supervisors. ♪ it's not unusual to campaign and do your speech lines it's not unusual to want a city dime if you should ever want to see the city really shine
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it's not unusual, it happens every day by the city by the bay you'll find it happens every day every time it's not unusual to be mad with any city one it's not unusual to be sad with anyone but if you ever find that your city's jobs change like you do it's not unusual but all the votes have gone to you woe woe woe woe woe and the city votes go to you supervisors, you chiu ♪ and it's sad, it's a tragedy when the bay guardian has gone away by the bay, it's going away the bay guardian's going away hey
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it's a tragedy when the bay guardian's going, going, going, it's going away and it's so bad, so sad to say it's going away, hey thank you. >> sfgtv, the speaker is trying to utilize the computer. about artificial turf. >> actually threaded car and truck tires contain all the same chemicals found in most tires. the national agency for cancer research [speaker not understood] four carcinogens. >> they get in your mouth and you wouldn't think about it. >> [speaker not understood] at age 21 she was diagnosed withhodgkins lymphoma. the former goaly is on griffin's list, name the soccer
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players who have developed different kinds of cancer. ann ka, 18 years old, [speaker not understood], 15. arthur everett died he at the age of 25 from nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> i would have them in my ears. i would have them everywhere, in my hair. >> last year she was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> played soccer since she what 4 and diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma at age 16. now battling leukemia. i feel sick to my stomachtificial turf can have so many chemicals. >> the medical practice is [speaker not understood]. hodgkins lymphoma stage 4. >> we end up ingesting the
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>> experiencing technical difficulties; please stand by >> next speaker.
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thank you, next speaker. hello, supervisor. my name is [speaker not understood]. this is my first time contributing to some public forum. thank you for listening. i'm here to share my story and it represents many others who look to you to hold our concerns close to your heart as you fight the battle with public office. [speaker not understood] 11 years ago with my husband who what offered a scholarship to attend graduate school. finding work in the arts was a challenge but we made it work. and felt supported by the vibrant arts community here. i was honored to be included in bay area now at yerba buena center for the arts in 2005. i am focused [speaker not understood] market street program.
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i worked with patients at laguna honda hospital to make scrubs and linens featuring artwork. my husband and i are fortunate, we are not being evicted. [speaker not understood] all of us in our 30s. but here's the thing. as i approach my late 30s i can no longer ward off the nagging questions. if we decide to have kid can we afford to raise them here? what if we do lose our place? will we be able to find affordable housing? will the arts continue to thrive here? in what form? i feel the answers to these questions is no. there is a change inevitable and it's tempting to focus blame on industry worker a they are ostentatiously chauffeured through the city with tinted windows. [speaker not understood]. it seems to me that greed has taken over. [speaker not understood]. and we need you our
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representatives to stand up for us against the interests of the few. san francisco feels like home more than any other place i've lived but it's getting hard to breathe here. i hope not to have to leave, but i'm planning my exit. if you value the contributions of artists, that artists make to the quality of life in san francisco, consider me [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is dorian maxwell. i want to talk about how this board needs to audit the planning commission. they really need to audit the planning commission because san francisco infrastructure has changed dramatically over the years. it's no longer looking like the place for tourism and things. now it's a melting pot for
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corporations. this municipality one time was a municipality is now corporatized. what now needs to happen is before any new legislation pass for the sfmta to fund muni, it needs to be an audit of the business practice of the sfmta human resource department as well as the operations of the sfmta. this is a criminal organization that was approved in 1999 by the voters and it's criminal. they extort money from the public, the riders, park -- people who use the parking spaces, and they need to go to jail. and it's time that this board stand up and take a stance on
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the corruption that goes on in the planning department as well as the sfmta. it will be imperative that many of you are up for reelection this term, the even number district supervisors are up for reelection. give us a christmas gift. send the people that run the planning commission to jail as well as the people that run muni. send them to jail. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is trisha foe l man. i'm a s.f. resident, giants fan and voter in district 5. i moved here 16 years ago. 16 years ago i behave a victim of domestic violence. under armour. ~. at that timist the city had my back.
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the s.f.p.d. who arrested my spouse, the ada who worked with me for appropriate justice, law makers made sure there was zero tolerance for abuse, i'm no longer sure the city has my back. i'm having trouble recognizing the place i love so much. now i'm all for sharing economy, i'm a driver for ride sharing company and i have most of the apps on my smart phone. but these companies don't want to share and what's worse thea billionaire bullies are funding campaign ads exploiting people like me to reward politician who vote their way. instead of contributing money to domestic violence cause he and shelters they have contributed $725,000 to smear campaigns. i called in to kqed for a recent debate to ask for these ads to stop and ask that these ad were ignored. inmy mailbox has been polluted [speaker not understood]. otherv been over when he hadv by men and women reaching out to me who share their stories. they feel the same as i do.
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this issue is reuniting us, [speaker not understood] friend of social justice. i'm asking city leadership to speak up and speak out with us. and make this a city that will have the backs of dough he mess tick violence survivors and not use us for political gain. october is domestic violence awareness month and i would like some acknowledge of that. thank you. >> thank you. my name is mary joe musni. has anyone in your life been hurting you or abusing you? this is a question i have asked literally thousands of times in my life so far, 49 years of being a registered nurse in san francisco. the last 37 in maternal child health. this became a more personal issue about 12 years ago when one of my daughters became a victim. obviously she suffered, let me
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mention another victim. at the time one of my granddaughters was three. she witnessed this. if she has her last memory of her father, it is of her father beating her mother until the police came. she is now 15, on full scholarship at a college prep school, excelling in latin, becoming conversational in manned trim.
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~ ~ hello, i'm going to be providing interpretation. [speaking in native language] good night, my name is hilda
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p/e re. i'm a survivor of domestic violence. tonight i want to give my opinion on this topic. i consider that domestic violence should not be used as a theme for political campaigns. i feel that people should play clean and they don't understand the suffering and the pain that domestic violence survivors go through, the suffering that goes with the children. and in my opinion, this is not something that should be used for political campaigns. if you need to win votes, do it in a clean way. thank you. thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is maria [speaker not understood]. and i ask the question, money, is it the root of all evil?
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reckless, irresponsible use of money can be pretty distasteful and harmful. my mom always said just because someone has money did you not mean they have taste. i grew up in a poor household. she said to us that, again, if you have money, you should try to do good with that money. but that's not always the case. she also said to us, dignity is not attributed to wealth. so, i used to wonder, why would she say they'd things? she struggled to feed us but she also struggled to give us spirit and to keep our spirit alive. ~ these things i am standling here tonight to say a lot of the campaign literature that i have seen is entirely too gratuitous, meaning uncalled for, lacking of good reason, unwarranted as
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in gratuitous violence. supervisors, we all know that on tv they actually have a content rating system to give you warnings when there's too much violence, there's poor taste, there's poor lang warren buffettv. i wonder if that's where we're headed in regards to campaign literature. i think we can do better r. we're supposed to be about promoting democracy, not turning people off. we're supposed to be about promoting healthy and safe communities. we can use money in a better way. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. supervisors, i'd like to direct my comments to the president of the board. unfortunately he is not there. but domestic violence, i want to say, is not just a women's issue. domestic violence is a societal
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issue. it's a children's issue, it's a man's issue. it hurts everyone. i know this, there has been domestic violence in my family. it affected my parents, it affected my siblings, ask it has affected our children. now, i know in san francisco there are wonderful services that deal with this. wonderful services that are shelters, that are counselors, and these services are needed and these services lack the proper funding to continually expand. we were told today that four women have died of domestic violence in the past period of time, four is too many. we need more resource he to combat this, to educate and to provide a safe environmental. i have one suggestion. for the persons who are funding the leaflets that are coming into my mailbox, i thought it was half a million dollars.
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i'm learning it's $750,000 are going to create these fliers that bring up domestic violence in a vicious, deceitful, lying way to promote one candidate over another. they are disgraceful. they are exploitive and they need to stop. i am asking that they stop. san francisco is better than this. we dee he serve better. we have politics. we deserve to move forward. i'm asking that these fliers stop. they trigger the wrong emotions in people and they are painful and they hurt us personally. thank you. >> thank you. i'd like to ask the public to speak to this body as a whole, not to individual members of the board. thank you. my name is tammy brian. thank you, supervisors, for being here to listen to the public. i don't have a lot to add, but


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